Our goal is to provide unforgettable memories that complement your perfect holiday. The options are seemingly endless and each experience will be personalized to your requests and wishes.

Nature Trail

Ekaant offers a sojourn amidst the nature's unadulterated wonders. You can opt to go on the nature trail identified by us and encounter rarely seen birds and butterflies. On this trail are huts designed for rest, with the sound of silence surrounding you. The trail is dispersed with a man- made pond adding to the beauty of the walk. There are also machaans available which offer a ringside view of the valley with seven hills enclosing in the pristine Warasgaon lake. To ensure that your walk never has a dull moment, we have many activities planned en-route to keep you engaged.

Private Dining

A treat for two! Private dining options can be provided on the lawns and outdoor decks allowing our guests to soak in the romantic atmosphere created by flickering candles underneath the tropical evening sky.


We will take you to your very own private spots, where you can soak up the sun or relax in the shade of a tree. Feast upon a delicious picnic lunch including a bottle of wine. Sun, food and a beautiful scenery – the perfect day….


Lavasa is a city immeresed in nature with many attractions and activities to suit everyone's tastes and desires. The following exciting activities are just some of the numerous options you can participate in whilst staying at Ekaant.

  • Visits to the organic gardern and nursery
  • Indulge in water sports on the lake’s shore
  • Adventure activities that include paint ball, rappelling, rock climbing, camping and trekking

Fish Spa